Agora Gallery Press Sheet, New York

With an impulsive, dynamic style of brushwork, French painter Dominique Ladoux creates works that connote the vast rather than the moderate, and the illimitable rather than the measured. Ladoux’s abstract paintings are distinctive for their aura of darkness punctuated by vivid, often brilliant color, like a fiery landscape within the expansive obscurity of night, or the intensity of a dream engendered within the dim reaches of sleep. Her paintings seek translate “ the different rythms of the universe… in both its visible and invisible dimensions.”

Ladoux’s style recalls abstract expressionism but is driven by a passion for natural, dramatic light – indeed, her art seems to derive its color and its energy, its regenerative impetus, from the natural world, both in her organic abstraction of forms and in her mimicking of nature’s most extraordinary orchestrations of color.

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